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Bad habits which create back pain

chronic-low-back-painIt is not always necessary to think about different illnesses when you have a back pain. Even healthiest individuals can experience this discomforts in everyday life.

Sleeping on an old mattress

A good mattress lasts eight to ten years. If you have not replaced yours for more than 10 years chances are that your spine is not getting the support it needs. Replace your old one with mattress that is not too hard and even not too soft. The curves of your back won’t sink in and won’t offer enough support.

Carrying a huge bag

If you are someone who likes to carry around your home, your back won’t be grateful. Carrying a heavy bag on a side of your shoulder causes your body to become imbalanced, getting your spine out of balance too. Switch to a lighter bag. Your purse with everything in it should weigh no more than ten percent of your body weight.

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