3:11 pm - Saturday November 24, 7285

Santal appealed to file case against the MP-UNO

gaibandha-002Santal community of Sahebganj district has applied for filling the case against five hundred people including member of the parliament, UNO, Sugar Mills Managing Director on allegation of sugarcane farm evictions and several charges of killing of Santal.

The application submitted to the Govindaganj police station on Saturday. Hemaramer son of Thomas hemarama of Govindganj Santal harinamari new rural village (in sugarcane farms) applied for filling case.

However, as a registered complaint case will be taken before the court, police said. At the time, BLAST and delegation ALRD 10-member were also present at the police station. Prior to the incident on the night of November 16, son of maramura Swapan maramu of  amesa of muyalipara village filed a lawsuit against 500/600  without mention any names.

Govindaganj police chief Subrata Kumar Sarkar was filed a general diary.

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