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what have to do to control weight?

weight-loss-controlWeight control diet or exercise many lazily. But did you know that if your daily diet is not too fatty and you are not accustomed to the bed-sit-life style, if only to avoid some of the habit if you have control of your weight, reducing the least?
Avoid these habits.
2. Breakfast Breakfast excluded deoyah elimination arises you’ll be obese. First, do not eat in the morning, your body is about 8-10 hours. Without breakfast, you will be hungry, and the balance of the body throughout the day will boost your hunger. Dbitiyata, when the stomach is empty in the morning, in order to balance the body, it will reduce the rate of your metabolism. So during the day, which will be stored as fat in the body to eat.
3. Many see him eating the wrong things motara thakah the need to eat less and do not have long and have a taste. Long and the stomach is empty or if you eat more than the body, but not the less clever, he reduced the rate of metabolism. Thus, the low-fat, do not eat enough to eat three meals. Sometimes three times a day to eat fruit or vegetables or low calorie food eat hungry. You must understand that if the body work on an empty stomach dirghapaksana decreases. After two hours, but a few of the body is to spend a lot of energy to digest food (if you do not spend the energy stored in your body fat would become), and the next night to eat more than you desire is to suppress.
4. In the meantime, most of the people at a young age khaoyah opened the fridge to get something to eat or go to the dining table to eat or eat curry over some parts of the face. They are needed for their growing body. But after a lot of practice this remains. Here are two wafer, there are a few nuts, a piece of cakes, half chocolate bars, 1 glass of juice, 1 packet cipasa seem to hear nothing, but when added together, the way you’ve eaten hundreds of extra calories.
5. requires that the consumption of rice, the rice is an essential object of Supply bheto Bengalis. Can be seen shopping in the taste of the burgers came home, sat at the table again at the time of eating. We ate, but did not lift ganaya at the 4. So to abandon this practice. The first trouble, sit at the table. But do not eat rice, vegetables and a small piece of chicken or fish to eat up.
6. There are many practices khaoyah oblivious way to watch TV and eat. Intake should be kept in mind that- “I am eating”; Oblivious to playing abroad, you will not terai when your hands / plate ate everything. For the same reason in the meantime, do not eat or to do shopping in the packet. Preferably found that playing it, a lot of people in the meantime, he took the time to forget about these nub. So he did the day he ate or how many calories khelama match those calculated by deducting two points behind. Later, after becoming frustrated that she was not suppose I’m going to figure out. So, who always seems to work to eat. Eat at one of the beautiful place. Attention to eating, eating smrtitake gethe deep into the brain to control your eating habits and your day.
7. khaoyah directly from the packet of chips, popcorn, or sat on the already sunken biscuit packets. Definitely can not estimate how much of the play. That can be viewed from two to eat biscuit cookie 5pm ate a whole packet. Eat only a little further, a pirice nice ramp, time warp pack Keep guchiya place. Khan is … time.
8. Quick khaoyah the 18th century, the famous Doctor Johnson’s opinion, that no food should be consumed 3 times chew. Cibaleo 3 times faster that eating should not be considered by modern scientists. After the meal, you kheyechena signal to the brain takes some time. After receiving the signals the brain to reduce hunger. If you eat quickly depletes, the signal still does not reach the brain. So you will still have the feeling of hunger, and you will eat faster than eating.
9. Water is less than 8 glasses of water a day playing khaoyah panisunyata body occurs. Panisunya after the body was tired and hunger are switched. As a result of the food, but rather to enhance the hand needed only water.
10. Low ghumanoh studies proved that it is now alive, to keep weight under control, you will sleep for 6 hours at night. We will not have enough of it at night, “cortisol” affect hormone releasing. And the hunger is controlled by the hormone. Further study found that, on the night when I sleep less body fat stores and is more.
11. All the typical 10 -11 at night late khaoyah we eat and wear to bed at 1 pm. Once playing, it takes two hours to digest food. When you wear to bed before sleeping, you can slow the body’s metabolism. Fat is stored in the body as a result of eating the night. Do not mock it, as evidenced by research have been published in the Journal of Obesity, researchers at the University of narthoyestara.

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