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Virat Kohli serious charges can be banned! (See video of his fraud)

India’s cricket player Virat Kohli surged in serious allegations against. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the British media had distorted the ball during the Test Rajkot kohalidaksina African captain Faf duplesira to distort the ball during the match against the Indian captain was accused. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the British media had distorted the ball during the Test, Kohli Rajkot. He polished the ball to increase saliva ghasachilena the ball. Kohli took the gum and spit in the face of grinding, as shown on the ball against the Daily Mail chabitekayekadina duplesira ago was exactly the same as for distorting force. After Tuesday’s hearing, one hundred percent of the match fee as penalty duplesira been cut. As a result, there is provision to ban the complaint. As a result, the ICC said Kohli parenaabasya receive such a complaint lodged by the England team for the investigation, they do not regard myself. However, the issue publicly complained about coming to England to start a new investigation pareabhiyogera quite shocked after hearing about the Indian team. Team sources said that such a complaint could be that it was not the slightest idea of anyone. Reportedly, the incident took place ten days after the ICC, umpires or match referee is not informed on behalf of the team. Starting from the third Test in Mohali on Saturday. Ludhiana fans at a ceremony itself was great. After the photo tweet wrote, ” This has been a great evening. Thank you for the love ludhiyanake. I’ll see you again. ‘Ball tampering charges after a storm coming before the social midiyaya. Is that a large part of the Test defeats in England and went to check on the media has played dirty. Uparaye may be due to the enormous pressure being banned, to see the video …


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