3:11 pm - Friday November 24, 7843

“We have to work mutually” President Abdul Hamid

presidentThe President of Bangladesh Abdul Hamid invites regional, specialized and social organizations to act along with the government for progress of the nation. He made a speech at the lunching ceremony of the newly elected office-bearers of Greater Mymensingh Samiti at Mirpur.

The President said “It is not possible to ensure overall development by the government alone. Local, professional and social organizations should work along with the government for development of the country,” he asked the community of the greater Mymensingh, particularly the industrialist, to mount above political variation to work mutually for development of the region.

He also said that,”We do politics of different parties because of political ideology and difference of opinion but we all have to work together for development of the greater Mymensingh as well as our country.”

Police Super Harun-or-Rashid, Secretary General of the samiti, vice-president of the samiti and chief director of the inquiry outfit of the International Crimes Tribunal Abdul Hannan Khan also struts on the occasion.

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