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30 unknown uses of coconut oil and its food value

30-unknown-uses-of-coconut-oil-and-its-food-valueCoconut has plenty of protein, fat, carbohydrates and calcium .In addition there are calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients in green coconut.
Nutrition of coconut
Coconut water is very useful as an alternative of saline for different kinds of abdominal disorder. Frequent diarrhea and vomiting that occurs as a result of the lack of water in the body in that case coconut water is very effective. It anti de-worming.
Use coconut: Coconut uses from drinking water to instrument for construction.

Coconut oil is very familiar oil. It can be used in two ways. Refined can be used for external use. Unrefined virgin oil is used as food. Coconut oil is commonly used in our country is refined oil. Today let’s we know several unknown use of coconut oil.
1. There is no comparison of coconut oil to repair damage hair. It acts as a natural conditioner.
2. It works as a basic skin lotion.
3. It can be used to erase eye make-up. Rub coconut oil with cotton on eye make-up.
4. The spots in the skin, coconut oil regularly rubbing the place where the line becomes light.

5. Can be used as a natural detergent.
– 6 cups of coconut oil

– 1/4 cup baking soda

– 1/4 cup ararut


Mix baking soda and ararut in a medium bowl. During this time mix coconut oil with a spoon. Then keeping in a glass jar or old detergent container can be used as the detergent.

6. During pregnancy, the abdominal skin is stained. In this time, regular massaging of coconut oil on the spots can be eliminated.

7. It has power to act as a natural sun protector . Its SPF 4 acts as a sunscreen.

8. When yeast or yeast infection attack externally, coconut oil is very beneficial as natural treatment. Coconut oil destroys yeast.

9. As a massage oil, coconut oil is very popular.

10. Coconut oil reduces hair freeziness.

11. Coconut oil can be used as a night facial moisturizer.

12. Before bath, rub mixture of equal amount of coconut oil and sugar. It acts as a scrub. This is very beneficial especially in the winter.

13. If any part of body burns, give coconut oil after washed with water.

14. If someone get light hurt in vagina at giving , then by using coconut oil injury can be recovered quickly.
15. Coconut oil acts as anti fungus medicine .

16. Coconut oil can be used for skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema.

17. Apply coconut oil in nose if any nasal allergy problem occurs .It is very useful.

18. It can be used as a natural antibacterial skin cream.
19. It can be used as natural shaving cream and after shaving cream particularly at private part.

20.It can used to massage the body of children.

21. After washing dishes rub little coconut oil in hand to remove roughness . Palm is soft.

22. Regular use on hair makes hair growth speedy.

23. Rubbing coconut oil mixed with salt to remove dead cells is very effective.

24.By mixing coconut oil with baking soda, whitening toothpastes can be made.

25. Whose elbow patches and dry, they will benefit rubbing oil on the elbow.

26. To remove dark circles under your eyes, take coconut oil in a little container and mix three E capsule and keep it into refrigerator. Apply this under your eyes to remove dark circle.

In addition cooking coconut oil has also many nutrition. It digests food very easily. It increases diseases resistance power. Heal the injury of body quickly. Remove anxiety and mental illness .

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