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9 Benefits of bananas for beauty and protection of health

bananaWe all know about eating bananas is good for our health. But not knowing why is it good or how it has many benefits many do not give much interest to eating banana. One of the most common benefits of banana is that it prevents lowers blood pressure and energy loss. There are many other benefits of banana in addition of these two benefits. Here just some of the benefits are highlighted.

1. Make meat curry more tasty
In some areas, meat is cooked rounding with fresh banana leaves to cook it soft and tasty. You can get the same results if use green banana in vegetable curry. Banana has been purchased from the market, but it is still raw? What is thinking? It makes utilization raw banana and increases the amount fiber of the curry.

2. Makes hair more attractive
Banana becomes very good alternative for hair care instead of hair care cosmetics. Banana can be used as a hair mask hair. Banana has vitamin B and folic acid and other nutrient ingredients which helps to increase hair growth greatly. You can get more benefit by mixing hair cosmetic with banana and other natural elements. For that your need f banana, milk and honey. Mix the ingredients together well. Then wait 20 minutes after applying on hair. Then wash it.

3. Increases the brightness of the skin
By using banana brightness of skin can be got very easily. Just only apply smashed banana face. Wait 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Banana has Vitamin A which removes dark spot of face and Vitamin E glimpses of youth. The night before the ceremony or for a special occasion if you want to remove all stains of your face. Then use banana face pack to get a better result.

4. Provide probaitic to body
Probitc is required to control harmful bacteria in the gut of the body. And increasing harmful bacteria in the gut of the body means the adverse impact on whole body. Banana is very major source of probaitic because banana contains frucktoligosakaraide (FOS) which helps to increase the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body.

5. Remove anxiety
There is plenty of potassium in banana, which reduces high blood pressure. At the same time it also reduces stress and increases mental performance. Because it controls cortile stress hormone. So make habit to eat banana before doing any significant work.

6. Helps to reduce weight
Banana mat be eaten in alternative of high calories food to reduce weight quickly. Beside banana restrains from eating sweet food because of its sweet taste. A medium-sized banana contains just 105 calories. There is also chromium mineral in banana which helps metabolized.

7. Provide energy for physical work and exercise
Vitamin C is needed for physical exercise. Because it makes muscles, ligaments and tendons of body strong. As it is very helpful for physical exercise, eat banana before starting physical strong serves.
8. Helpful for sleep
Banana is a natural medicine for good sleep. Eat one before one hour of sleep, Then it very helpful for sound. So those who have sleeping problem or stay awake late at night may eat banana regularly. Bananas are a very good source of tryptophan, a type of amino acid. This plays an important role in the production of serotonin. This hormone brings peace of mind.

9. Cure migraine problem
The terrible pain of migraine or headaches can spoil your whole day. But banana can prevent this condition. Banana works as natural remedy as it has plenty of magnesium. From now on, any time you get a headache you can get cure by eating banana.

From now, when you go to market don’t forget to buy banana. Eat banana regularly and stay healthy.

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