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13 mental stresses & its remedy during pregnancy

One of the most beautiful and heavenly day for a woman in her life is the day when she becomes pregnant. One day a woman came to know of the existence of its own with the arrival of her child took place inside her body. The first few days she felt a lot of pleasure then all of a sudden the new responsibility make her afraid. Things went so far that a pregnant woman becomes the victim of deep mental stress. Here we discuss some important things about the mental stress and it’s remedy of a pregnant woman:-

1. Enjoy the feelings:
At first try to understand your condition. Beautiful dream of your unborn baby make you feel happy. Don’t think being a mother is just a load instead being conscious about your new status and enjoy the feelings.

2. Be positive:
Think of your good work. Be gentle with everyone. Keep yourself involved with your surroundings and share your pleasure with everybody.

3. Enjoy favorite songs or movies:
Listen favorites songs or watch movies or read good books to come out from boredom. Minimize your regular works or share with others.

4. Confidence:
Encourage your husband to work with you when he is at home. This will help you to finish your work and make your relationship deep with your favorite’s person. Thus you will get confident.

5. A little healthy and full snacks:
At this stage you should take healthy and filled snacks for you and your child so that you don’t get physically weak. Must eat a small meal after a while and so on. Sometimes mental fatigue happens as a result of physical weakness.

6. Exercise or walking:
Exercise or breathing exercise is safe and easy for a pregnant mother. During pregnancy after a specific stage you can do a little exercise or walking only after doctor’s advice. A little exercise helps you a lot to reduce your mental stress in this situation.

7. Facing experience:
Remember, you are a mother. You can understand things better than others that which one is good and which one is bad for your child. Experience of being mother is not same for everybody. If anyone faces any bad experience such as: having trouble after eating or doing something, it doesn’t mean that you will also face that experience. So don’t care about the rumors.

8. To reduce mental Pressure:
Save your pregnant time by writing. Anything that make you upset, write it down and you will feel better.

9. Pregnancy friend:
It will be good for you if you choose someone close to you as your pregnancy friend with whom you can share all of your feelings. It can be your husband, mother, mother-in-law, sister, friend or someone else.

10. Family assistance:
In our society, pregnant women get much pressure from their family. Sometimes they are not allowed to eat something or get prohibition or ordered to do some ritual works, if unable to do so the unborn baby may be harmed. But these are not right. In most cases, evil thought about their child creates more mental stress to their mothers. In this circumstances, family should be more conscious.

11. Due to risk of damage:
Check at doctor about your eating restrictions and inform it to your family members. Before performing some rituals, understand it properly. Explain them that any pressure on you will increase the damage risk of your unborn baby.

12. Pregnant confidence:
You do a lot of things for the welfare of your child. This time let be conscious about you. During pregnancy- what happens or not happens, what may be or may not be, don’t even think these. Think about you and your child. A little step toward you may give your child a healthy and bright future.

13. Need to sleep:
Increase your sleeping time. Remember that sleeping will help your body and your unborn child to grow up the right way. So you need more sleep.

A beautiful and healthy children may build a beautiful world. For the mental health protection, a pregnant woman should walk in the natural environment, have facilities for recreation, regular prayer, not do libel or slander, not think anything illegal. Also they should stay away from smokers, should not come into contact with someone infected with the viral disease.

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