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 13 ways to stop hair loss

hairfallWomen and men, regardless a large number of people around the world, are facing a common problem which is nothing but hair fall and this is very normal. Hair falls at a rate of about 100 per day. In fact there is nothing to worry about hair falls from the scalp. But there are other reasons to be concerned that there’s a mineral deficiency, stress, hereditary factors, the effects of drugs, pollution and diet.

But there is a different reason for men and this is wearing cap or helmet. Considering all the facts to help hair fall treatment we have tried to answer 20 questions which have described below:


1.Use of mild shampoo for daily hair washing:

To reduce hair fall rate it is prescribed to keep your hair and scalp always clean and for this it is necessary to wash your hair regularly. Washing hair every day reduces the risk of infection on the scalp or dandruff. This dandruff or infection is the real cause of hair fall. Thereafter washed hair looks more in quantity.


2.Increase the quantity of taking vitamin:

Vitamin is considered to be effective for not only the body, but also applies to hair. Especially vitamin A seems to be necessary to assist in the production of sebum on the scalp. Another thing is vitamin E, which helps blood vessels on the scalp to flow blood properly. As a result, the number of hair cell increases and helps to grow more new hair. Also it is prescribed to take more vitamin B to have a perfect hair color.



3.Add protein in your diet:

Protein is essential for hair growth which we can get from fish, fat less meat, soy and many other ways which also prevent hair fall.

4.Use of essential oil for massage:

Those who are already suffering from hair fall problem can use essential oil for few minutes regularly to massage their scalp. Using essential oil like mustard oil or almond oil mixed with lavender makes hair root cells active for long time.

5.Do not comb wet hair:

When hair is wet with water, it is at the most vulnerable state. So, combing wet hair increases the rate of hair fall. It is not recommended to comb wet hair. If you ever need to comb wet hair, then use a wide tooth comb. As excessive combing cause hair damage and hair fall, so you are told to use your finger to get rid of tangled hair.

6.Onion, ginger or garlic juice:

Make juice from any of these then rub it properly on your scalp and keep this whole night. The next morning wash your hair. Hope you will get better result.



7.Drink more water:

Each bunch of hair has good amount of water. This is why it is prescribed to take more water. It helps your hair to keep healthy.


8.Green tea:

Green tea is very useful for hair fall treatment. Take two tea-bag in a cup and fill it with hot boiling water. When it becomes cold, apply it on your hair. Wait at least one hour before washing it. Try it as your need.

9.Identify harmful things for hair:

You must know how to take care of your hair to have healthy hair. Don’t rub your hair with towel instead dry it naturally.

10.Stay away from alcohol:

You should take less alcohol. Drinking alcohol can prevent hair growth.

11.No smoking:

Smoking reduces blood circulation through the skin of the head. It hampers hair growth directly.

12.Regular exercise:

Regular exercise, it may be a little walking or swimming, it keeps the balance of hormones in your body and reduces your stress and hair fall.

13.Fight against stress:

Stress is another important reason for hair fall. So it is advised to come out from stress before starting hair fall treatment. You can try yoga or meditation.





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