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Strawberry: Usefulness beyond beauty and taste

strawberry-6yStrawberry is a reddish color fruit. For some people, it’s a mouth watering name. This alluring gorgeous red fruit is unrivaled in taste as well as beautiful looking. There is a say that all that glitters is not gold. But strawberry proves these saying wrong. There are a lot of nutrition in strawberry which keep away so many diseases and make your body healthy. Let’s get to know about 10 health benefits of strawberry:-

1. To reduce the risk of heart disease:
This fruit contains high quantity of flavonoids and antioxidants. By lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, these elements help to keep a good heart. It also contains allergic acid which controls rate of LDL, another cause for heart disease.

2. Eliminate the problem of diabetes and constipation:
Strawberry contains plenty of fiber which helps to eliminate diabetes and constipation. Fiber controls the sugar level in blood and also the diabetes level.

3. Increases resistance to disease:
Strawberry contains a large amount of vitamin C which increases the ability of disease resistance and protect your body from different types of infections. Just one cup of strawberry is able to meet 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.
4. Reduces the risk of cancer:
Like other fruits and vegetables, strawberry also contains antioxidant which helps to prevent cancer. Thereafter it has lutein and zeaxanthin that prevent the growth of cancer cell. The presence of vitamin C, also reduce risk of cancer by increasing the disease resistance ability.

5. Helps to lose weight:
Strawberry is very helpful to lose weight. It has very low amount of calories. A cup of strawberry contains just 53 calories. Once you have a strawberry meal, it takes quite long time to have another. For these reason, strawberry is a useful fruit to lose weight.

6. To get rid of asthma:
The people who suffers from asthma or allergic somehow can rely on strawberry instead of always running to the doctor. The various components in it help to reduce flux, tears and shortness of breath.

7. Good for the skin:
We get older because the age of our body cell rises. The antioxidant contains in strawberry slow down the aging rate of our body cell. The vitamin C and antioxidant present in strawberry protects your skin from harmful elements. Also, if strawberry eaten regularly, your skin doesn’t get age mark quickly.

8. Good for bones:
There are manganese, potassium and mineral in strawberry, which helps to maintain the normal growth of bone. Also these elements keep your bone healthy and strong. So, strawberry is very useful food for children.

9. Prevents hair fall:
Many people are quite problematic of hair fall. Those whose hair is falling make a regular habit of eating strawberry. There are folic acid, eallagic acid, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 which prevents hair fall and helps to make your hair strong from the bottom. It also has copper and magnesium that doesn’t let you have any dandruff or any fungus at your hair root. Strawberry makes your hair shine and enhances hair growth.

10. Makes your memory good:
Strawberry has a falconoid called fisetinwhich which helps to increase your memory. A research paper published in analysis of neurology showed that women can have a long term good memory by having two strawberries in a week.

11. Useful for pregnant women:
Strawberry is very useful food for pregnant women. Strawberry helps to develop baby’s brain and supply nutrition to both mother and her child. So, pregnant women should eat strawberry on their regular diet.

12. To have white teeth:
Strawberry contains plenty amount of vitamin c which can vanish the yellowish color from your teeth and can make your teeth look brighter and strong.

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