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Eight unknown great use of Cornflower

crown-flowerEvery cook is familiar with cornflower. Many of them won applause for cooking through proper use of cornflower. But there are so many others use of cornflower except cooking. A large number of people have no idea about these other uses of cornflower. Let’s get familiar with the unknown use of cornflower:-

1. To get rid from cockroach:
Everybody has suffered a lot or a bit by cockroach. To get rid from this suffering, mix same amount of cornflower and plaster of paris, then put this mixture on the entry way of cockroach and their hiding places. And then see the magic.

2. To clean and shiny glass window:
Mix water with cornflower. Put this mixture on window glass and rub it gently with a cloth. Now wash the glass with water and you will see the difference.

3. To remove blood stains from clothes:
Make paste of cornflower by mixing water with it. Now put this paste on the blood strain of the cloth. After few moments, clear this paste by toothbrush. If the blood strain still exists, then try it one more time. Finally wash the cloth and dry it by sun.
4. To remove diaper rash:
Excessive use of diaper creates rash on baby’s body. Mix 1-4 cup cornflower in the bathing water of baby and get rid from diaper rash.

5. To make curry soup more dense:
Sometimes we put more water in curry soup and can’t dense it by just heating. Let give some cornflower in the soup. See, the soup get dense.

6. To get rid from oily skin:
You can try cornflower to get rid from oily skin. Use a little cornflower instead of normal powder. Or you can mix cornflower with powder. Cornflower will absorb extra oil from your skin.

7. To remove stain from clothes:
Make a paste of cornflower by mixing with milk to vanish stain from cloth. Then put this paste on stain. When this get dry, then clean it by toothbrush and the stain will be vanished.

8. Homemade treatment for skin burns:
If you cook regularly, your skin can burn a little bit. You can try cornflower for first aid. Mix a cup of cornflower and baking soda in eight cup of warm water. Make a bandage with a cloth immersed in this mixture and keep it for half an hour on the burned spot.

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