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Know some tricks to loss fat from diet

diet-d35t6Those who like fast food and greasy food and also want to have a long term good health, they can follow some strategy. Your diet will remain same like before but most of the extra fat from it will be removed. For this you don’t need to reduce your diet or don’t need to stop eating beef. Let’s know these tricks to be healthy:-

Marinated meat:
If you cook your meat in high temperature, it produces Advanced Gyration End-products (AGEs). It increases inflammation and also the risk of diabetes. To reduce AGE exposure, you can marinate your meat with lemon juice and vinegar. Grill it at low heat and omit the burned parts.

Eat whole grain with fat and protein:
A research from Yale University showed that those who eat whole grains with high fat food, their artery doesn’t block so much. Healthy foods like this doesn’t allow your body to store more fat.

Use avocado:
Harmful reactions found on their arteries just after two hours eating fatty food like hamburger. But adding just a piece of avocado on this burger mostly vanish all these harmful reactions. Also you can use avocado instead of dairy products in your diet. Use same amount of pure avocado instead of butter.

Keep fruit with chocolate:
Eating chocolate a little bit is healthy. But most of the people can’t have just little bit. They take a large amount of chocolate at a time. To avoid this problem, keep fruit with chocolate. Cover up the whole fruit with your liquid chocolate. Now enjoy the fruit.

Have a walk:
Walking 30 minutes or more after eating can reduce the risk of increasing fat rate in blood by 10%-25%.

Also have a look at the tips which reduce the fat level from your diet:-
– Don’t use oil with egg. You can boil it or fry it with just water.
– Bake your french fry in oven instead of frying it.
– Cut and omit the visible fat from your meat.
– Don’t use mayonnaise in salad, it’s very fatty.
– You can drink low fat milk.

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