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Some symptom of kidney diseases

kidni-%e0%a6%95%e0%a6%bf%e0%a6%a1%e0%a6%a8%e0%a6%bfMany people don’t know that they are suffering from Chronic kidney disease (CKD) as they are unknown about the symptoms of this disease. Chronic disease failures kidneys after some years. Interesting fact is this most of the CKD patient never face kidney failure in their lifetime. About 80 percent of 3 rd stage CKD patient don’t face kidney failure in life. But if kidney failure happen it very dangerous and kill anybody easily. So cure kidney disease it is very important to detractive this problem at any stage. So you should know the symptoms of kidney disease. So that if you see some symptoms in you or in your friends you should detect this and consult to doctor as soon as possible. Test urine and blood to confirm disease. Some symptoms are given below.
1. Low Energy: Feeling weaker and lack of concentration in every work is a strong symptom. Weakness occurs because kidneys filter blood and detoxify body, if kidneys stop working toxins start to produce. So it feels weak and dispersed. Another sign of kidney failure is Anemia. Although general weakness can be seen for lack of blood.
2. Sleeping problem: When kidneys are disturbed in their work of putrefying blood. Toxins can’t come out with urine and stay in blood. This causes sleeplessness. There is a link between Ability or excess weight and Chronic Kidney Disease. Although sleeplessness is a common issue of kidney problem but it also can be happened for tension.
3. Dry and rough skin: Healthy kidneys perform a great job. Their job are making bones stronger, help to generate new red blood cells, control balance of fluids in body etc. if kidneys damaged it can’t regulate the balance of salt in body. This is also a symptom of bone and minerals problem which can occur from advance stage of kidney problem. Then kidney can’t maintain balance of salt in body.
4. Frequent Urination: if you need to urinate frequently mainly in nights then you can a patient of kidney disease. Because it a significant symptom of Chronic kidney disease. When filter of kidneys damages then this problem appears. Although frequent urination can also be seen for Urine infection. This also happen for increases of prostate gland of males.
5. Presence of blood in urine: kidney separate toxins from blood and get toxins out from body through urine. When kidney damages it can’t separate blood cells. So blood comes out with urine. This can also be seen for internal infractions or stone of kidney or for cellular damage in kidney.
6. Presence of more foam in urine :if more foam come out with urine this can be happened for kidney damage. Those foam reform from protein. White area of an egg’s is made of protein. If it is mixed with hot water it creates foam. Like this the protein come out with urine is Albumen. If filters of kidneys get damaged then more protein get mix with urine and make more bubble and foam.
7. Swelling around the eyes: if too much protein get out of body with urine, it swells around your eyes area.
8. Swelling in foot and ankles: if kidneys damages it cannot maintain balance of minerals. as a result amount of sodium increase. Then it swells ankles and foot. This symptom also be seen in lever problem, heart problem and for vessels of lower feet.
9. Decrease of appetite: in the case of kidney problem appetite decrease. Because patient smells a bad smell in every meal. This smell comes from inside. This make patient weaker.
10. Muscles spasmodic: if kidney damaged it can’t control balance of electrolytes in muscles.si sometimes it spasms muscles. This symptom can also be seen for lack of calcium and Magnesium in muscles.
Beside these sign others symptoms like, feeling bad smell, pain can be seen for Chronic kidney disease. So if you indicate many of these symptoms constant to a doctor fast. Test your urine and blood to confirm disease. This can save your life.

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