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Food habits for bright and glowing skin

skin-blowing-6u9Mostly we think our skin glow depends on age and care. It’s not totally right because there are some others factor that are important for glow of skin. Healthy food habit doesn’t only keep you health but also keep your skin glowing. So try to eat those food that make your skin glowing. There are some foods that reduce the glow of skin also those food are not healthy. So we all should know which food is useful for both health and our skin and which food is harmful. And which food can make your skin sin.
a list of food was published in look damn good website including names harmful and helpful food.some food recommendations are given below.
Which food should eat?
1. Chocolates: when you are recommend to eat chocolate you should not think it’s a big chocolate. Huge amount have adverse effect. a small piece of chocolate produce anti oxidant and it help to shine your skin. Especially dark chocolate is very useful. So try to make habit of eating a small piece of chocolate regularly.
2. Fish rich in fatty acid: All fatty acid are not harmful. A mainly fatty acid of fish is very useful. Mainly almost all fish contain Omega3 oil. this oil keep skin more bright shining. it prevent skin from being damage and dull.
3. Food with more fiber: Add more fiber in your food. Naturally it improvises your skin. Food like Pears, nuts and beans contain rich natural fiber. so try to eat fiber.
Green vegetables: how much vegetables do you eat every day? try to eat more vegetables in every meal.eat vegetables without cooking. green vegetables increase your glow of skin. You can also eat vegetables as salad. green vegetables save skin from UV rays from the sun.
Which food should avoid
1.Alcohol : avoid alcohol. It dehydrate your skin. Any food or drink that contains alcohol will dehydrate your skin. it also damage skin cells. So avoid alcohol. if you are addicted in alcohol then try to reduce the habit.
2.Oily food : Try to decrease oil in your food. Extra oil is absorbed in your skin as fat. It damage skin’s shape.
3.Coffee: coffee contains caffeine. Too much coffee dehydrate skin. It makes skin rough and take away glow.
4.Grilled meat: grilled meat is very tasty but it is highly harmful for skin. Grilled meat lose its food value. Then it becomes harmful for health. as a result skin start showing ageing process. Skin becomes dull.
5. Excess Sodium: avoid excess sodium that means salt. It makes food more tasty. But huge amount of sodium ion misbalance skin moisture. Even skin cancer get help from excess sodium ion.
Skin iterating foods that mean if you have allergy to any food avoid those food. It can make many permanent dark spots. Always try to avoid junk food. And never stay in sunlight for long time. Sun ray is very harmful for skin . It damages skin. Use sun protected cream before going outside.

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