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11 Ways to Stop Hair Fall Both for Men and Women

hair-gfWomen and men regardless face a common problem “hairfall”.This is worldwide problem. This problem is nothing more than loss of hair which is quite normal. Normally hair  dropping rate of a man is about 100hair daily. In fact, it falls from the scalp. this is not alarming. But when hair falls too much it is concerning. The reasons of hair fall are, lack of nutrients, stress, hereditary factors, effect of the drugs, pollution and diet.

Man can also lose hair for wearing helmet or cap. Concerning all the reasons here i give you some solutions to get rid of hair fall.

1. Wash your hair with light shampoo:

Doctors always recommend to keep hair and scalp clean to prevent hair fall. For this you have to wash your hair daily. Daily hair wash reduces the risk of dandruff and infection on scalp.dandraff and skin infection are the main reason of hair fall. The amount of detergent hair is much more visible.

2. Take more vitamin:

Vitamin doesn’t only help for good health but also effective for your hair. Vitamin A assist in the production of sebum. Vitamin B which is another important vitamin increase the the flow of blood vessels and help to grow new hair cell. Vitamin maintains hair color quality and it is recommended for all.

3.Add more protein in diet:

Protein is needed for hair growth, which fish, meat without fat, soyaprotin which is found in many meals are very important to reduce hair fall .

4.Use essential oil for masses:

Those who are already suffering from hair fall, can try essential oil masses on the scalp for 2/3 minute every day. Essential oil can made by mixing mustered oil, almond oil and lavender oil. this essential oil make your hair cells active for long. so hair become more strong.

5. Never brush wet hair:

Never brush hair when it is wet. Because wet hair is more weak than dry hair. If you want to brush wet hair use big brush or comb having more distance among tooth . It is believe that excess brushing is responsible for hair fall. If your wet hair become unmanageable try to manage by finger.try oil to reduce static charge of hair.
6.Use onion, garlic and ginger juice:

Make a juice using onion, garlic and ginger. Apply it on the skin of head and let it work for the whole night and wash it at morning very clearly. use it for a week and get a good result. This is the most effective treatment for hair fall problem.

7.Drink more water:

Drink more water every day. Water is stored in the root or every hairdryer skin affected more easily than oily skin. in. So drink enough water every day.

7.Green tea:

It has been seen that green tea is effective to reduce hair fall. All you need two teabags of green tea. Put some boil water and wait for two minute after being cold use the boiled tea on scalp. Keep it for an hour and wash it. Time can be increase according to result. Use it once in a week for good result.

8.Identity harmful things for hair:
Try to identity what is harmful for your hair and try to avoid those thing and work.

9. Try to dry hair naturally:

Try to dry your hair naturally by sunlight and air. If you use towel to dry hair it hampers  your hair. Be careful don’t let your hair wet for long. It increases possibility of dandruff and other hair problem. sometimes wet hair can produce bad smell so try to dry it quickly.

10.Stay away from alcohol:

Avoid alcohols. If you drink alcohol it decreases your hair growing rate.

11. Avoid smoking:

Try to get rid of smoking. Smoking directly hampers heath and hair growth and slows down growth rate of hair. So try to control smoking .Give up smoking is the best.

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