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4 that the problem of body can be solved by only with salt!

salt_0A lot of problems including domestic chores can be solved by salt. As far as taste in cooking without salt simply wants to be without the salt of the work of some of the houses, for example, fell on the floor eggs, etc. to clean the iron cauldron. But did you know that the quality of the salt is more explicit? The common solution to the problem of salt in the body can cause small shelf services readily. Are you surprised? But today, let’s learn some physical problem-solving process with just salt.

1) Your nose problems

Once this kind of hot weather, due to the cold you’ve suffered from cold. This is a stuffy nose and breathing problems. This will solve the problem of salt. Half a teaspoon of salt mixed with 8 ounces of water 3-4 times a day with dropper nose. The problem will be solved.

2) skin problem

If for some reason you do not need to panic at all if the skin is in problem. Salt mixed with hot water to wash the skin with a soft cloth soaked in water and needs to keep the affected area.

3) to remove the pain of insect bites and firing

Toxic to bees or treatment of any insect bites can be cured only with salt. Melted water mixed with a little bit of salt and leaves it on the affected area. Burning and pain at first, but its a little insect will heal very quickly.

4) sore throat remedies

Cold water and heat are all in the habit of drinking. But many more cold water, the treatment of sore throat is swollen. Nothing to worry about salt will solve these problems. Lukewarm water mixed with salt to gargle 3 in the afternoon. It will relieve a lot.

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