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A glass of "lemon-water" that will start your day for 7 reasons.

11223641_477938272364966_5863334863654338034_nThat was hot, it must be awakened from sleep in the morning to drink water? Take a little bit of lemon juice mixed with water accelerates from today. Why? Because of this a little bit of lemon juice every morning can give you numerous health benefits. If yes, will be required not only lemon juice. There is a certain amount, which depends on your weight! Let’s assume that how and how much to drink lemon juice and 7 of the Health Benefits.

How to Get

For most people, drinking hot water mixed with lemon and honey if it is very healthy. In fact, this idea is completely wrong! Hot water with lemon and honey can lose both attributes. Not hot water, a little warm water or water mixed with lemon juice on a hot day at room temperature. Not Lime, Lemon juice. Ripe, ripe, yellow is lemon juice. Otherwise, get the acidity problem may be empty! In the 150-pound weight is less then half of the lemon juice in a glass of water and mesabena. If you are over the 150-pound, then mesabena a whole lemon juice.

Let’s, assume that 7 Benefits.

1) those who have the habit of frequent cold, they will be good. Do not take cold or cold easily.

2) increase in collagen and vitamin C in the lemon skin Balirekha skin beautiful.

3) A glass of lemon water in the morning increases your metabolijamake, expelled from the body of harmful components and keeps hydrate your body throughout the day.

4) Start the day in the morning, drinking tea or coffee? Try to drink water instead of lemon. His energy itself’ll be surprised!

5) to improve liver health peerless lemon water in the morning.

6) There are plenty of lemon potassium as bananas, which keeps your brain health.

7) remove mouth odor.

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