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Without exercise reduce excess weight by a healthy drink.

11226195_471121159713344_5494047831547013885_nAre you surprised to hear it? How is it possible to reduce weight without thinking of the trouble? How to lose weight is jharate us sweat. But if you want to reduce excess weight can be a little trouble, even just for a drink. Yes, the night before going to bed and get up in the morning to reduce the weight, so that a healthy and drink. Each of these factors, natural water, so there is no possibility of side effects. Indeed, the great drink recipes you want to know? Let’s assume that all 3 ingredients of a witch drink.


1. Two spoons of honey

2. One spoon of cinnamon powder

3. 1 cup hot water

To do

1. Put in a glass or cup of cinnamon powder and honey and set aside.

2. Boil one cup of hot water.

3. Pour boiling hot water in cinnamon powder. Then cover the pot a little.

4. Cinnamon mixed with water when the light turns warm water, then mix in the honey. Remember, never boiling hot water because hot water do not mix mudhu honey enzymes and other nutrients destroyed.

5. You can eat 1½ cups of the mixture before going to sleep at night. Leave in the refrigerator for a bit, you can eat in the morning utheo. However, there is no need to heat the mixture.

6. With this mixture of different ways, there is no need to do any mixing. In order to get the best advantage of the night to eat before going to bed and in the morning is stayed empty. Playing on an empty stomach, do not add extra flavor.

This is the royal road to weight loss mantra resipitii. These drinks can increase our body’s metabolism process, resulting in weight loss without physical labor and the accumulation of excess body weight is not.

(Weight loss, as well as measures that were offered various remedies to eat moderately important. If you eat more than you need, then no drink or drugs, exercise can reduce your weight. Normal amounts to eat, to drink with the rules. kamabei weight. Exercise does not have to pain.)

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