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Ways to recover from sunburn problem

Brown spots on the skin of the lemon is beneficial to do so. You can put directly on your skin lemon. Take it and put in place a parched lemon with a chip. Please wait while the dhiye remove water. 1 spoon of sugar mixed with lemon or half of it, take it out. It also makes cleaning the skin to remove facial burns expression. 3 times a week if you use a lot of benefits.
Yogurt not only stain the skin and internal damages to pay the overall healing. 1 cup cucumber juice and tomato juice mixed with yogurt. This combination is well mixed with pea 1 period of time to pack. This is the face, neck and ghare well on the 30 to 45 minute wait. Wash the face with lukewarm water then. It can be used 1 day a week. Besides, if you want to wait a little bit before bath yogurt and wash it at hand.
Another benefit is the Aloe gel packs, massage it a little bit of lemon juice mixed with a good wash. Aloe gel applied directly to the skin before going to sleep at night or in the morning face wash. The skin bright and burn stain.
Raw milk and a spoon in a cup of half a spoon of lemon juice mixed with turmeric and put in place a 0-minute wait. Wash and dry the face with water.
Guttapurna role in eliminating the pea-brown coloring. One cup of pea-flour mixed with water, leave it at 0 minutes. Wash hands and then rub them with.

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