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Going to the hair to fall out? Check a foolproof strategy to grow new hair!

o-HOW-TO-TREAT-HAIR-LOSS-facebookNowadays, all more or less hair fall problem. Once the hair fall hair growth when it is a matter that is impossible! But yes, this is the way to do the impossible possible. 3 to 4 days to a week before going to bed at night is a simple task. This work is extremely helpful in your empty head will contribute to grow new hair. And it will work for you too common olive oil and garlic! Yes, garlic will grow hair!
Resume high sulfur, vitamin C, selenium, and assorted mineral elements to grow new hair is extremely helpful. Copper is present resume new hair grows, the black hair, and hair thicker. There’s likely to be a side effect of the use of garlic in their hair.
What to do?
Both of you need to work. One of garlic, olive oil, mixing the extract must be made. It’s a bottle of olive oil and garlic into a place of week. Every 7 days or less and create your oil. Whenever the oil will use this oil. Prevents hair fall and the new hair to grow in this oil is extremely helpful.
This is at least 3 times a week will also do.
-A Few piece of garlic, smashed the half the garlic with a little rub and put hair loss venues. You garlic juice or garlic paste can be applied to areas of hair lost.
Garlic not wait an hour after the planting. Head with olive oil, then massage the skin will be very good.
-Then Go to sleep and put on a shower cap or plastic. Keep this mixture in the hair for at least 8 hours.
At morning better to shampoo.
-If Garlic causes elargy on giving head, then wash the head with it. And do not use anymore.

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