11:32 am - Monday October 23, 2017

Soft drinks and its bad aspect for health.

Pungent, sweet, not leaving it to respond to this drink. Gharate with friends and bought. Party or event that has become a part of it. Restorai eating out than before, based on this drink. But once you thought eating? How useful to the body. Pernicious effects of the highlights include:
Destroys teeth: a study at the University of Adelaide in Australia, is komalapaniyate high acidic material. These ingredients may be permanent teeth in just 30 seconds. Loss of tooth enamel and tooth decay as well as soft drinks, threw dagao teeth. Especially soft drinks are very harmful for children’s teeth.
Body fat in organs: the eating habits of regular soft drinks are your body’s organs and fat accumulation. Velvet paniye bad cholesterol levels in the blood is taken. The increased liver fat in fat and other body parts. As a result of physical problems.
Reduces sexual power: Europe and Japan were the same in two different studies. And it was the habit of regular soft drink intake can reduce men’s sexual power. BVO appear milky drinks to reduce the capacity of the men responsible for the material. Regularly if anyone take soft drinks than those who avoided the soft drinkers may have lower sexual power, said the researchers.
Addiction: to drink regular soft drinks can be made gradually delicate drink addiction. The soft drinks are not playing, I did not quench the thirst. Difficult without the addictive drug like delicate drink.
Impresses ages faster: playing regular soft drinks, fast face is that the impression of age. Wrinkles on the skin, dry skin, eye problems can be fold down to read and more variety. This is less than the age to age.
Kidney damage: those who regularly drink soft drinks are more likely to damage the kidneys. Regular soft drinks toward the kidneys are damaged and can increase the risk of kidney stones.

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