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The uproar over undressed Amazon Sarah

The world media uproar one of the young woman her origin is Bengali. Her name is Sarah Begum. He is a British citizen. Her parents did not know what or where the village. He made documentaries. To led a mission to the Amazon jungle. There she gave birth to the story that he was entitled to the critique of the world. He came to the forest so much older than her and married a tribal warrior. How was the wedding ceremony! The wedding ceremony ginkato Sarah Begum and her mind were completely nude. The London Daily Mail has published an illustrated report.


It has been called; The British-born young filmmaker went to the jungles of the Amazon to build documentary. But he sat there and married local tribal fighters. The reason, he said, is to destroy his own oil komapanigulo of Amazon how he wants to build on what documentary. And that’s why the marriage was agreed. The marriage, she married only a formality. But marriage is a formality, but it has to be in the wedding rooms completely nude. He was part of the Ecuadorian Amazon tribe’s huyaraoni position with just two weeks to go up to London at the age of 21, Mrs. Sarah. One such historical hatred of outsiders since 1950 has the tribes. In 1950 5 Christian pope wanted to enter the location, the tribes killed them.

But Sarah has claimed that they have taken him quite welcome hug. At the end the tour he married one of the tribe’s his age is 50-year-old named ginkato. Ginkato themselves said simply in huyaraoyani. Besides, he knows some words of sapyanisa. It was a symbolic formality with which to support the application of these tribes against the oil komapanigulora he wanted to reach out to the world. This marriage is not legally binding. He basically told me to choose between them are adults. I had no idea what was going to be with me. I was summoned to a hut. There were all nude. He is tied around my waist made of plant fiber is a kind of traditional dress. At first I thought, I can not be naked. Because the film is going to work. For a moment I thought about running to escape.


But suddenly I was not quite known about the birth of their heritage. One of the women took off my dress. The older they began to sing. For those women, “chicha”, a drink made of. They are happy to see me naked. Then they have to make for me a crown of Macau bird wings. I was told that they are going to make me a queen. The tribal women and men were dancing and singing around me. They hive me ‘chicha’ to eat. I was given a new name imaca. It means, “Last Name”. My husband is the most popular fighters in the tribes. I still do not know what is going to be. I thought maybe its welcoming process. But after a while I saw a man standing next to me. His arm is around me. After realizing what Sarah was quite shocked?


But later they said, it’s only a formality. She doesn’t make any secrect relationship with her husband. That is, the tribes believe the respectful. He said they knew why I went there. So they wanted to show how they are. Sarah said about her husband ginkato he is cool and powerful predator. As a result, he is quite popular among women. He’s pretty funny. In London, he was very interested to learn about the life of me. We were talking with people who know sapyanisa between tribes. I knew sapyanisa Cameraman. Ginkato wanted to know about my parents, family and friends. Amazon tribes have taken many documentary directors. It is quite biralai the cupid.

He is the not only British woman, whom did ‘marriage to ginkato. Two years ago, another British ginkato lanjake Karen Morris was married! Karen was gone there as the The BBC’s reporter to collect tribes documentary. Sarah was known about it. Its products ‘Amazon Souls’ has been shown last year at the Cannes Film Festival. She said  he has been contacted with them by e-mail or Facebook till now. Further says, if there is time to go back to the tribes of the Amazon.


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