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Gave birth to the harrowing experiences of men

The pains of childbirth and how a mother can not tell anyone else. Much irritation birth, parents do not realize the trouble is the desire to know them.

Expounded China’s Shandong province, a hospital may be the extent of the suffering.Screenshot_1

Central European News (siiena) are called to a report, the province of Jenner few men want to understand how mothers during child birth can suffer. Most pregnant women are interested in men’s husband, the would-be parents.

Hospital authorities said, was interesting in their job right. Like men, they cause pain abdominal pain was controlled electric sakera emigration through.

9-year-old would-be parents siienake guyam Lear said, my wife give birth to our child in the next three months. And hear the words of this project, he tells me, to understand the level of pain. And I want to understand. My wife will be tormented in three months I want to understand its dimensions.

What hospital was saddened to see that the women came forth husbands. The wives of the time laughing and having rolled.

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