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Dark circles problem will go away forever.

11221714_478482132310580_5812323357193484111_nBoth men and women have been working late hours or any personal reason. Especially at a young age to go to sleep at night is the two-half bejei. Also, people who suffer from insomnia problems, even in their sleep late. In effect can be seen in the faces of the night and waking up. Dark eyes sarkelai night waking problems in the stands. Dark circles are quite annoying to everyone. If it is dark around the eyes to see that it takes quite bisrii. But a trip to the small dark circle problem can ever take away. Want to know how? But let’s get to know.


– 8-10 fresh mint leaves
– 1 cup medium saucepan tea liquor
– Cotton pad (If not, you can fold the tissue)

Method and use

– Put in a bowl with basil leaves torn in small hands.
– When the tea liquor and poured it on chilly days and mint leaves.
– The Liquor go completely cold. If you want to cool in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.
– The two cotton pads dipped into misratite excess of combining light, leave hand down.
– The combination of cotton pad soaked eyes Put it on a little way down the days and 0 minutes. This time you have to relax completely.
– 0 minutes later, the left pad with a light wash with water. For the first time use, the results will come to your attention.
– Regular use of the dark circles would disappear at once.

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