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Adjust skin of all body in some easy tips.

skin bodyBefore bathing
Every morning before bathing the throat, neck and back massage sunflower or linseed oil can. Then rub with a wet cloth to clean the skin to thin. In addition, you can use skraba somehow to mrtakosa skin. One day a week, ripe banana and mix with the sugar. This is going to melt until cinita back and neck massage as well stay. However, do not use this mixture on the skin of the neck. Those with oily skin, the amount of sugar lentil paste, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, tomato juice can also be used. Butter 1 tablespoon vinegar mixed with half a cup of tomato planted neck skin bright.

Stain removers
Indifference and negligence of those long neck and back are black spots on the way home one day a week for the young Sharmin rupacarcara advised. For dry skin 3 tablespoons of rice flour with a table spoon takadai, 1 tablespoon fuller’s earth, orange peel and olive oil and mix. This mixture applied to the skin, wait 15 minutes. Soak in the hands of the massage is 10 minutes. Oily skin to remove stains soaked in milk and lentils to good fortune. The tomato juice mixed with turmeric and massage with hands on the spot.

Being a rash?
This time, a lot of heat in the neck and back, and prickly heat rash can be seen. If a rash occurs with neem leaves boiled in water with half a cup of pea-flour mixed with half a cup of lemon juice and three tablespoons of it on the skin, wait 10 minutes. Take the bath. In addition, shell powder mixed with a little fuller’s earth and planted in a rash will benefit. Meanwhile, those who have trouble getting on the prickly heat, the water boiled with neem leaves every day to bathe. Reserve with neem leaves to boil water ice and keep in refrigerator. From the back of the neck and the back of this ice cube to rub the skin, will benefit.

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