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6 kinds of physical problems solved by using basil leaves.

11537882_477851089040351_4955484726313628118_nIt has been used to solve various physical problems before the earliest basil leaves. This is due to the medicinal properties of basil leaves stakes in domestic treatment favorites. Various physical problems, ranging from minor to serious physical problems of eliminating the basil leaves. Check the basil leaves into great ways to use the various physical problems.

1) galabyatha cough and colds away
Runny nose, cough and cold season is a time for change and neck pain occurs. This problem will only tulasipata. If you drink the juice of basil leaves and basil leaves regularly with boiling water gargle will solve the problem as quickly.

2) to relieve headache
A lot of stress, migraine or other headaches for many reasons begins. Dried basil leaves to get rid of a headache quickly boil water to heat the water. Get very good results.

3) dental problems away
Dental germs do not have to remove the basil leaves ayantibyakateriyala pair of elements. Problems caused by the infection of the gums basil leaves. To fix the problem, only to absorb the juice of basil leaves to chew.

4) fever remedies
1 handful basil leaves to boil a cup of water mixed with honey, and various kinds of tea drinking, such as fever, malaria, dengue, etc. to escape. Also, the common cold, fever basil leaf tea helps it heal faster.

5) keep away from kidney problems
Basil leaf extract harmful toxins from the body has the ability to heal. If you drink the juice of basil leaves regularly, kidney problems, have reduced the risk of kidney damage and even kidney stones.

6) Ear infections away
Ear ear infection occurs in a lot of different reasons. If you want to hear the initial stages of treatment drop a few drops of the juice of basil leaves. Ayantiinaphlemetori material ear infection and inflammation ayantibyakateriyala basil leaves and put away.

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