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Take away the blackish spots from lip.

11407174_477566215735505_2947965126593313837_nMany of the facial skin, lips, looks a bit dark, which was often regretted. The problem is that the diet, smoking and excessive use of chemical products due to the leap rich dark lips come. Upper lip skin to die for lack of care for others moves nigrescent burst. Every night, but just a little too easily in 1 lip to remove the dark coloring. And children can get soft, velvety, pink lips. So let’s get to know the system very easy.

– 1 teaspoon honey
– 3 tsp brown sugar (white sugar in general, but it will be)
– One half of the lemon juice
– Almond oil (almonds oil)

Method and use

– The honey, sugar and mix well and talks a little melted sugar. The mixture should be smooth.
– Take out the fresh juice of a lemon, half a chip, and the combination is mixed with a good shake. Like almost paste can be, however, some sugar remains unbroken.
– Take the lips very well washed. Take the mixture on the lips.
– After about 1 minute on the lips and gently smudge the skraba. However not too loud.
– Lukewarm water, then rinse well to remove. Place the almonds and put a little oil on the lips of all the whole night.
– Drug addiction, this little function to broadcast the night a few weeks and you’ll get to it as children, soft, soft, pink lips.
– You can leave the mixture in the refrigerator for more. A lot of good thakabesaha

Scrub performance

– The sugar acts as a very good natural skraba, which removes dead skin above the lip on the inside of your lip blush highlights.
– Honey natural moisturizers. It will be your lips soft and velvety.
– Lemon natural bleaching effect and light lip color with a lip nigrescent far away to help.
– To lighten the color of the skin of almonds oil has the ability, it may be nigrescent lip.

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