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4 task before sleep in this hot season.

11401386_475003509325109_1400702692808126877_nPublic speaking upset this summer. Hot the last few days of our country’s broken all previous records gets hot. Are suffering due to the heat than the night. But not everyone is able to buy and air conditioning. The number of middle and low income in our country. After a busy day of work due to sleep at night during the summer, do not want to sleep late. To spend the whole night in a kind of peace. I do not sleep at night after work the next day on the effect. Therefore it is really important to sleep at night.

But the difficulty is that in the heat ghumanote how it can be eliminated? There are solutions to these problems. After a peaceful night of sleep will make you do anything. These simple things can karedite peaseful sleep before going to sleep.

Please take a bath before going to sleep at night. When our body temperature is reduced compared to the general advantage of our sleep. As a result, our body temperature decreases when the bath is deep sleep. If you can not take a bath and go to sleep, but his feet were soaked. Relief can not sleep.

Work 2
Take a heavy woolen cloth. It is soaked in water 1 hour before going to sleep and keep in refrigerator to cool. When you go to sleep lying on the forehead as the fabric out of the refrigerator. Unable to see the rapid and peaceful sleep.

Work -3
Many people sleep with the windows open during the summer. But some people uneasy. One can work. A heavy wet clothes can be hung in a window. The outside air from entering the room for wet clothes during the cold air get inside the house. It will help you sleep.

Work -4
A bucket of cold water before going to sleep at night in the corner of the room to go to sleep. The fan and hot air will continue to evaporate water from the bucket. The room temperature can be reduced. And decreasing temperature will help you sleep. Before going to sleep on the floor can make a good spray of water. This will also reduce the room temperature.

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