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4 Emergency care of the hair before going to bed to prevent hair fall.

10442920_477782099047250_2859163702286521176_nWho wants beautiful hair? Black, smooth, long hair is the dream of everybody to see. Besides the beauty of the hair is taken from. Whether you want to look beautiful hair is not beautiful the earth is full saundaryatai.
Need regular care for hair beauty. There are even some special care of the hair before going to bed. In particular, the hair is shed, for good.

Many of you may be wondering what hair care at night before going to sleep again! If you let us know before you go to bed at night for beautiful hair, hair care, particularly to 4. Much of the hair regularly to prevent the build-read the four care.

Unkempt hair
Hair every night before going to sleep better to worse. First of all hair swept back, while the front of the comb. Then again comb through the back to the front for a while. The day before going to bed to sleep worse when the crown of the head of hair and hair fall can be reduced to increase the blood circulation.

Light heating oil massage
Sometimes the hair at night before going to sleep warm oil massage. Coconut oil or olive oil to the ends of the hair from the crown of the head with warm light hair mix well head massage. Leave the oil on his head all night. Get up in the morning to remove the shampoo. Hair fall prevention, as well as the hair will be soft and the tip can be reduced tendency to burst.

Sartin silk pillowcases
We forget that time to go to sleep rough cotton pillow cover can be very damaging to the hair. Many never seen it before. Pillow cover hair rub eat all night, the result became rough. Cracked and broken hair ends with the dropout problem occurs. Especially men. This pillow cover rather than days to get rid of hair loss. Sartin or silk cloth to make a pillow cover. If you have hair the care.

Fasten light
Fasten the hair before going to sleep at night by the light. Ghumalena hair tied more tightly into the unguarded state of sleep is torn and weakened hair. Benny was so hard to go to sleep earlier than it should be or not panitela. Such soft cloth band tied hair light sleep. If the hair is beautiful and durable.

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