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Proper base foundation and make up process.


The effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays skin is black. Therefore, sunscreen is very important in the summer. If you must be out of the sunscreen lotion to protect you from the sun. Mediketeda a sunscreen for the skin under the eyes is particularly flexible and can be used for oily skin telabihina sanaskrinai. Sanablaka will find many types on the market, and sunscreen. Cream, gel, lotion, spray, powder is the same. However, oily skin, choose sanablaka lotion or powder sunscreen. The cream for dry skin. You can use sunscreen gel hands and feet.

Baby wipes

Wet wipes made specifically for the face to delete. The scent of lavender is called, the use of which is fresh and fresh faces. It is not possible to wash out your mouth with water all the time, baby wipes effective. Wet Wipes easily oil the skin, removing dirt. Usually 3 to 4 hours after the effectiveness of sunscreens featuring moisturizing ingredients ended. So if more time outdoors, apply sunscreen wipes his face with the back removed.

Cleansing Milk

Dust, dirt, oil comes up to use the skin cleansing milk. Cleaning the skin to maintain skin moisture. Take the cleansing milk with a little cotton. Gently remove the face. Then apply adequate sunscreen or makeup. Use clean, dry and normal skin cleansing gel. Cleansing lotion for oily and mixed skin.


Extra skin oil, dead cells, dust, toner removes makeup. The pore size is normal and clean the tonim. People are tired of the mouth bhabao skin to maintain freshness. Skin toner prevents excessive oil spill. Wipe the face with a wet tissues of the mouth of the well and remove the toner tulaya. The main elements of tonarera alcohol. Alcohol makes the skin more dry. For dry skin, so choose low-alcoholic toner. Sensitive skin, do not use toner. In this case, you can use rose water. Cotton with rose water to remove the full-face. It works very well as a toner.

Blatim Paper

Shortly after oily skin, makeup and facial T-zone or on the forehead, nose and below the nose, lips, chin down, to the accumulation of oil. Keep paper bags blatim avoid this problem. It absorbs excess oil. Skin that has been gathered in the oil and hold blatim paper. Then consider lightly powder compact. It will be good for a long time makeup

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