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Unbearable burning in the hands and feet? Check the causes and remedies.

11390097_476310542527739_7631270924458835434_nHand and foot burns a disease very uncomfortable. Especially in the summer it became more unbearable. The name of the disease, peripheral niuropyathi medical terms. For various reasons, the emotional fallout from this disease can be. However, in most cases happens when limbs damaged nerves. Read the full post to learn about the causes and remedies.

The main symptoms of the disease will burn the hands or feet, two times. Sometimes the needle stung struck. Suffused or takes abasao. Many of these feelings.

Because this disease

* Burning of hands and feet, and because of the uncontrolled diabetes for a long time. Excess blood sugar gradually destroys the nerves in the hands and feet, causing symptoms.

* Kidney and thyroid problems.

* Lack of vitamin B-1 and B-1 is.

* Drinking, etc. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease.

* Burns on side effects of drugs can be used in diseases such as tuberculosis, isoniazid, used ayamiodyarona disease, chemotherapy.

* Fungus infection.

* Blood vessels.

* After menopojera women.

* Excessive anxiety or stress.

The Dos

* Patients with diabetes keep blood sugar under control, take care of their feet.

* Those who have problems with nerves, the limbs of the wound quickly to treatment.

* Take foment legs warm. Be careful to cut the nails and shoes.

* Leg problems caused by a lack of vitamin A is responsible for all that time, it is not. Therefore all kind of trouble you can get the benefits of B vitamins can not eat.

* Reduce anxiety and stress.

* Niuropyathi proven that some drugs can relieve the ache. Doctors can use them.

When going to the doctor

* Started suddenly and burning continues.

* Feeling on the finger or slowing, it seems asleep.

* Nerves in your feet just do not have much time to understand and does not require any test-niriksarao. She went to the doctor without a pin or use a tuning fork you can verify hatapayera feeling.

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