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15  best and simple rules to keep youth long lasted.

1688323_476523505839776_7362785940260119870_nSaid increased age, you can not stop it. But the impression of age in the body or face, why not read? Saundaryakei growing age affects only that, it is not. The effects of your body, mind, more or less all about including your marriage. Baruka increasing age, but to keep his body and face ageless. His youth is very easy to hold 15 rules.

1) change your food list. Add to the list of foods to eat more fiber. Carbohydrate and fat foods, I did not. Modified protein and lots of vegetables and fruits in the diet added.

2) at least half an hour of daily exercise. Better able to clean the air in the morning.

3) to tilt down or give up the habit to sleep. Wrinkles in the face of the very easy to fall.

4) daily drink at least 8 glasses of water or water to the meal.

5) Please leave the course, soft drinks. To avoid the extra sweet dishes.

6) Oh, do not smoke or do not drink alcohol.

7) The importance of sunscreen, many people do not byabharake. But the nice thing is actually very helpful to maintain your youth.

8) Keep your stress under control. Including stress, which can be added to control the exercise.

9) Do not makhabena face soap. The following July .and Darnley appearance was hurt.

10) Facial care as well as the hands and feet, do not forget to take care of. Get regular pedicure and menikiura.

11) To take care of the eyes and the area around. Sleep well, do not use any bad makeup or products. Eye on the fingers or with a towel so that you do not grind. This is a very soft, so easily tossed elakagula hiya and the appearance of wrinkle lines.

12) Lots of sleep. Will complete the rest of the body. Note that it is comfortable and sleep.

13) over the warm water and do not bathe regularly. Saru with normal temperature water bath.

14) Avoid scrubbing too much skin on the face or the hands and feet.

15) Do not clean the outside of the back face and body do not sleep. But I can not face with makeup.

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