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Some foods help to prevent cough and cold

cough-and-coldCold and cough is very common disease in all season. But if you carefully follow the normal thing is to be back. Add some diet foods can be released easily from the cold. Let kow about some foods which protect from cold.

Fish fatty acids that our body’s immune system to enhance disease resistance. As a result, the common cold can lodge in the body.


Raw garlic antioxidant normal seasonal variations on the good work against the cold. Therefore, the habit of eating garlic every day to Casa KwaZulu constructed 1.

Ginger tea
Back in the cold to drink plain milk tea Leave the saucepan. Other antioxidant and works very well against phluyera hot tea.

Mushroom contains antioxidants, potassium, vitamins and fiber, which the body’s other organs, as well as protection to prevent cold work.

Sweet potato
These foods are sweet potatoes winter flu this winter, many from diseases caused by the release. Vitamin A to improve the immune system of our body is quite effective.

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