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Your age is increasing rapidly due to 10 causes

doctor-and-patient-art-6b7bbfdda5c09479You may feel that it is due to the increase in the age of the skin! If you’ve had enough of an increase to the skin without the use of sunscreen, not just the way resting, smoking, etc., is lost due to the skin and looks like dead. If this is your idea of a serious mistake, because you may not know the causes of the wonderful skin age and growth in the following July. New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital, one of the dermatologists ‘Josh jikanara’ research on the skin, especially the way we do some of the work for which it occurs and the following July on our skin increases the skin’s age .. Let’s assume that the diverse considerations.
Several times to clean the face
In order to clean the face, but it certainly should wash the face and skin of times per day with a good klinajara. But it is one thing to remember is that what you’re using klinajarati to adapt to your skin but not all the time. Sometimes, according to the skin type to use any other brand klinajarao.
Drink something with Straw
We are people who do not drink soft drinks with straw.
Weight loss
We found an increase in body weight a little more worried about you. So the weight with our weight loss can reduce the flexibility of our tbakerao. The look can be lifelong and takes a bit older.
Avoided yearly eye exam
Eye doctor at least once a year, all of us should. If the skin around our eyes is much more soft, so it’s very easy to be around the eyes occurs at an early age due to undernourished skin fold
Kanatekta wearing eye lenses
Many of the eye lenses are very frequent. But then again, the lens does not have a problem with the lens bear clothes. The real problem is that when you are out of the lens from the lens and eye wear. Many of the sensitive skin around the eyes, and the eyes with his hands up and down, while the eyes of the tightness of the skin around the eye occurs when the lens is worn fold.
When you are driving
If you’re driving in the car, because that would be wrong to think that it is safe from the sun. Increasing age, our skin to the sun’s UVA light, which is the leading cause of the car in front and at the sides of the window clings to your skin. Use sunglasses so the car knows that the time of shipment is not a problem with your drive. And open at the hands of the best and put a good sunscreen.
Forgotten to eat adequate amounts of water
The skin becomes dry and lifeless water means less to eat. Which reduces the lightness of the skin very quickly. For beautiful skin every day so do not forget to drink 8 glasses of water.
Eat too much sodium
There’s plenty of sodium salt. But you may not be able to give the salt of the Vedas to eat, but do not eat the salt of the matter is very low amounts Khan. Because sodium foods to keep our skin moist and the skin absorbs elements looks rough. So plenty of water should be consumed.
Resting on top of the skin over the face
We have so many people on the left and the right side of the sleep side of the facial skin is covered with the skin of the skin can not breathe the pore occurs wrinkles.
Drinking coffee
Many people love coffee. Keeps the coffee beans as well as our profit is in the body in different ways, but in every cup of coffee if you are more likely to develop skin Wrinkles and skin becomes dry. Grab a glass of coffee and drink it later.

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